Yana Reznik smiles at her piano, holding the masks she helped make.

Inside the University of Chicago Hospital lunchroom, they rummaged through the boxes, finding masks, hand sanitizers, and burritos from Chipotle. One doctor found a mask with a llama on it. Another tried on one covered with little beluga whales. Their gratitude, though muffled by the masks, was audible and visible.

And when Yana Reznik asked if they wanted more masks, they said yes. Of course they did. Still do.

At a time when hospitals are running out of PPE and protective masks and doctors are forced to risk…

George Chiropolos stood up from his bed on April 1, and started walking to the living room of his home in Wilmette, Illinois. But the room started spinning, and he collapsed on the couch. He felt like he was being strangled.

He had a decision to make: Call the doctor or suffer through this and hope it goes away.

He called the doctor. No help there. Chiropolos had tested positive for the coronavirus the day before, but the doctors wanted him to tough it out at home because the hospital was already busy enough. He couldn’t. He had just enough…

With Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker’s decision to shut down all bars and restaurants from March 15, through the end of the business day on March 30, due to the economic ramifications caused by the coronavirus outbreak, Chicagoland restaurant owners are left wondering how their businesses will stay afloat, or whether they will at all.

Bruno Abate, the owner of the Tocco Restaurant in Winnetka, worries he won’t be able to generate enough revenue. Starting the restaurant four months ago, Abate made a $750,000 initial investment.

“If I was here for three, four, five years, I’d definitely be less worried,” Abate…

Standing outside of the Plassman Athletic Center at Turnstone at the annual Fort Wayne Mad Ants open tryout, my body shivered. I spent $200 to wait for the doors to swing open at 9 a.m. Until then, I stared up at the sky, observing the skyscrapers above me, most of whom flexed Nike shooting sleeves, Adidas headbands or Jordan shoes.

Every year, the organization holds this tryout and hopeful NBA players flock to the gym, trying to show that they could be the future of the team. Roughly 150 players showed up to this tryout. On a larger scale, there…

At 27–23 and sixth in the Eastern Conference, the Brooklyn Nets are this season’s biggest surprise. The loss of Caris LeVert was supposed to send the Nets free-falling to the lottery for the fifth straight year. Even though they went 2–2 in the next four following LeVert’s injury, their fate seemed all but sealed when they lost 8 consecutive games, dropping their record to 8–18.

One of the NBA’s youngest squads, Brooklyn was plagued by inconsistency early in the season, with a 4–12 record in games that entered clutch time. …

Associated Press

“I don’t want to say shitshow.”

Chris Friedrich, a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies from 2012 to 2016 and San Diego Padres in 2017, paused and inhaled deeply before he said something he would regret. He, of course, was recounting the steps that led up to the arthroscopic elbow surgery he underwent on August 23rd.

Before the decision to undergo surgery, Friedrich was content aching with the small, harmless, injuries. The strained left lat and general soreness in his left arm were just roadblocks, not full-blown detours, he thought.

But the incremental accumulation of stress, to his elbow and to…

Jan. 14, 2018 — Source: Al Bello/Getty Images North America

Knicks fans played like a broken record this Summer, praising Kevin Knox for inefficient numbers in meaningless Summer League outings. Okay, he looked good, but this good?

The hyperbole Knicks fan spoke in was a direct representation of the garbage heap James Dolan has piled on.

So when Dolan was being rumored to sell his Knicks team, the fans waited on their edge of seats, popcorn in hand. That never happened though. At least changes happened; just from the top down, not bottom up.

If the blood is on Dolan’s hands, Hornacek was merely the fall guy. Like Derek Fisher…

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America

Stanley Johnson snatched the ball from his opponent like he tugged a toy out of his dog’s mouth. In a matter of fact-tone, the forward howled, “Gimme that fu***** ball!”

It was the dog days of July. Droves of street ballers and NBA players culminated in the humid, circus-like atmosphere at the Drew League. Johnson was a seemingly immortal performer. His show consisted of through the legs crossovers, three-point heaves, and defensive clamps on NBA wannabes.

To go along with the moves, Johnson begets the profile. …

Harry How/Getty Images North America

Twin brothers are constantly pitted side-to-side. Being the other team in Los Angeles is like being the ugly twin brother.

If renovating their logo wasn’t enough, hiring Jerry West and making moves trembles the narrative. This offseason you saw more of it as they swung on strike three for Kawhi and wrestled for the King.

Usually, getting rid of the franchise centerpiece leads to fan impatience, a subtracting win total, and management makeover of yearly expectations. Except none of that manifested for a 42 win Clippers team. …

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America

During the final season of Stan Van Gundy’s reign, Detroit seemed to be zigging while the rest of the league zagged. Trading for Blake Griffin was a risky endeavor, but one which might have catapulted a franchise who has only made the playoffs once since 2009 back into relevance.

Instead, the experiment ended in another lackluster season and a pile of assets seemingly cashed in on an aging star with a rich history of lower body injuries.

Cashing two quality chips, Tobias Harris and the 12th pick, seemed like a failure from the get-go. Harris was starting to break out…

Andrew Favakeh

Butler women’s basketball beat reporter for the Butler Collegian, Butler men’s basketball beat reporter for the IndyStar. Twitter: @drewfav

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